Professional Development

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Our professional development programme team comprises a panel of highly experienced professionals, university academics, policy advisers and economists. Some of them have served at senior levels in the public service in New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and other countries as well as the United Nations. They have conducted education, training and research in several countries in Asia Pacific as well as Latin America and Africa.

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In addition, our networks and partnerships allow us to commission other experts as and when necessary which allow us to offer world-class study programmes, training and research, often tailor made to meet the demands of different clients.

Some of our current specific areas covered include the following but we bring in the necessary experts to address other aspects to meet any specific needs of our clients.

Our professional development programmes

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Professional Development for University Academics
  • E-Learning
  • Public Procurement
  • Sports Management
  • Provincial Administration
  • Modern Technical Practices on Implementation of Drinking Water Projects
  • Local Government Financial Management
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