Public Awareness

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Raising Public Awareness

In order to contribute to our organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility, we have volunteered with not-for-profit motive to engage in activities that seeks to inform and educate people about topics or issues with the intention of influencing their attitudes, behaviors and beliefs towards the achievement of a defined purpose or a common goal.

Depending on the topic or issue, our awareness-raising efforts may include: publishing newspaper articles, issuing press releases, briefings and commentaries; disseminating reports, studies and publications; working with the media; holding public meetings and events; convening conferences and workshops; and facilitating online discussion forums.

Seniors for Motherland

Our arm for raising public awareness is a volunteers group formed as Seniors for Motherland. These volunteers are scattered across many countries around the globe. Regardless of their age and social status, they have gained maturity to make a positive contribution towards raising public awareness, through various means such as educational achievements, professional commitments, working with community groups and volunteer organizations and engaging in other social activities.